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Partner for your Project




Mutinati is the perfect partner for anyone who wishes to get a complete result without worrying about the construction site complexity and the suppliers and workers relationship.

Co-operation, technical and managerial experience, control of construction phases are the basis of our business both in assets of furniture and managing of "turnkey" works where besides furniture, fixed or not, we provide building works of interior, engineering, finishing materials and decorations.
Each step matches specific skills of our team.

The concept is boosted to achieve a perfect execution in all its details. Leading the whole process, such as quality guarantee and achievement of the target are the analysis and the detection of the mood, including technological research and fine attention to detail.


Directing the activity of interior contractor Mutinati Officina d'Interni explores the feasible dimension beyond habits.

In dialogue with architecture and project's requirements, thanks to our specialized workforce, we manufacture prestigious furniture on design, fully customized and even handmade.
Our long-gone partnerships with Italian leading design companies allow us to provide products on catalogue or customized.

Alongside the stock of products, we give an articulated series of useful services to obtain the best result, from the definition of a concept to the research of materials and finishes, from the realization of samples to budgeting, from the executive design to logistics, from installation to after-sales support. Everything is in respect of budgets and deadlines.

Our project management starts with the analysis of the idea's feasibility and follows a timetabled and shared approach.
The monitoring tools offered to the customer are simple and intuitive, built with an immediate and direct language.