Casa FP


Project: Arch. Sebastiano Canzano
Interior Design: Marco A. Mutinati 




To Conceive the ideal place for a contemporary family is not easy.

The functional needs and recreation should relate to the timeless desire of a proper welcome and hospitable space.

A detailed space planning was followed by the search of a single horizontal plane that ideally embrace the entire apartment.
The vertical lines are connected to the base and carefully weave an ordered network of cabinets, gates and seats.

The sense of interior design is summarized in the use of the innovative liquid metal for the doors of the columns of the kitchen, which caressed by a grazing light develops an unexpected light that emanates from the dark background.

The presence of the kitchen in the living room is finally reconciled.

The house comes back to focus again on the hearth that is no longer merely functional space to hide but valuable unifying nucleus to be put on display with pride.