Private House


Project: Arch. Sebastiano Canzano
Interior Design: Marco A. Mutinati 



The light, the colors and scents of the sea Levantine were precious inspiration for the interior design of this exclusive apartment. The horizontal and vertical planes are structured as smooth and bright, softened by the warmth of a large living room overlooking a container gloss ultramarine blue and bordered by two ironic stitched velvet armchairs.

The large living room is divided by a central corridor through continuous curtain of storage fully customized to blend with apparent simplicity, the various heights of the ceiling of the two rooms.

Large sliding glass doors with white aluminum frame play with transparent references to balconies front, replicating at home and the picturesque landscape between systems run completely inside closet and living storage.

Central pivot of the composition a collection of vases of Ancient Greece, the most exposed as treasures that emerged from the sea as cold objects from the museum.