The Lighthouse Villa


Project: Arch. Sebastiano Canzano
Interior Design: Marco A. Mutinati

"Villa del Faro" is a total requalification project of a villa built in the 60s and situated in the area of Salento, in Santa Maria of Leuca.

The villa overlooks the harbour and interacts with the lighthouse on the tip of the peninsula, just few meters away.

The design approach has tended to exalt the relationship with the external, establishing a dialogue among the surrounding nature and the infinity of the sea which is integral part of the view.

Every choice was driven by the desire of harmony between restoration work and landscape:
the choice of natural and native materials, the sharp drawing of the fixtures, designed to filter rather than close the structure of the furniture - mostly custom-cut - from the textures of fabrics to the careful use of colours.

Individual elements become part of a "unicum", denying the distinction between "inside" and "outside".

Pure and simple lines define the rooms, starting from the inside to the outside, bringing the gaze to the horizon in a white shaped whole that comes alive with light.

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