Sofa, Such a Passion!


by Marco A. Mutinati
posted on 30/07/2012

I just opened my eyes, I looked at the clock: 5.57 am.
A moment of loss to realize that I am not in bed but ... on my couch!

With the first steaming coffee I sit down to watch the sunrise and I find myself thinking about "him" and our understanding.
It looks alive, no longer an object but a symbiotic part of me, like a "correspondence of amorous feelings."

Smiling I say it is crazy! It is reassuring that I am not the only one, considering that in the world's most famous family, The Simpsons, I find the same loving relationship.

Dear friend, how have you changed in recent years! From a simple cluster of springs where just sitting was already a challenge (I still have a dire memory of my grandfather's sofa), to an essential element of design for daily life: On it we can relax and find ourselves, we welcome friends and watch TV, work, study, read.

It gives space for passion, it let us get rid of thoughts.
Minimal or not, small or extra-large, the sofa today comes in infinite variables to meet the most different needs.

It is not just a matter of form, because it proves the height of our desires and is essential to discover its "hidden" qualities. Here are my favourite.
I can say this: Do not take away my couch!

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