Cinetix Cafè


Project: M2O project & consulting
Interior Design: Marco A. Mutinati

A conceptually new and different commercial space.

That was the goal we have set to ourselves dealing with the design and creation process of the Cinetix Café. To do this, we have worked around two cardinal ideas: the first, to transform an architectural space into an art installation; and define a shimmering public place and convertible for image and function according to the hours, fruition and the public hosted, the second.
The first idea has found in the inner limits of the locale - the structural columns - his source of creative and artistic inspiration: the ideal curtain formed by the pillars and the empty spaces between them open to the public with the rotation of those same surfaces toward the ceiling. This makes the space a kinetic energy art installation, hence the name coined for the venue.

The elements that make up the café - bar counter, back counter, director station, tables and snacks - seem to take shape thanks to those rotations and the place relates with the city in a continuous dialogue by the windows intentionally transparent.

The convertibility of the local in relation to duties expressed at various times of day and night has been pursued with a careful use of light: a complex lighting system, electronically controlled, allows to play with different light and shade effects capable of experiencing different atmospheres for the different uses of spaces: morning breakfast, midday brunch, afternoon tea, a lounge for the night.

It intercepts the same light of the city and becomes part of the city sky-line indicating the presence of a successful meeting place.

Every detail has been carefully studied in order to make the expected final effect: from the choice of materials - wood, metal, stone – through the assembly of individual components to the definition of the logo.