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"Capturing the essence of the people and infusing it in the place which hosts them is the hub of our job".


"I am sure that achieving this goal passes through the continuous and constructive dialogue with the world of architecture and design, to which we offer our competencies, our services and our centennial experience so the task, that is required to us, exalts the contents giving back to each project authenticity and exclusivity.

Present world is ruled by economy and market's frenetic pace, which impose often arid and poor of quality lyfestyles.

The aim of our job was to add value to the emotions in order to establish a relationship with the true and authentic spaces to be lived. We must give form, texture and colour to materials to make them meet contemporary man's needs and renovate that physical relationship able to inspire well-being, tranquillity and balance".


Mutinati Officina d'Interni is the result of a story begun in 1918.

My grandfather, named Marco like me, transformed his passion for wood into a profession and founded the cabinet-making Mutinati.

I still remember him bent over his work bench, with his rough hands, designing and building with the minuteness of a tailor unique individual interiors for his clients.
The attention to quality, the cutting details, the vocation for design characterizes today more than ever our company that, strong of a century long experience, has structured and evolved itself to meet the needs of exclusivity and customization of international clients attentive to the Italian taste and style for the creation of private homes and real estate projects.


Mutinati's operating divisions (Retail, Interior Contract et Interior Design), let a diversified approach to the needs of projects and clients: from consultancy in planning and execution support to finding the best Italian and international furniture brands through retail channels, up to the interior contracting more complex task.


Marco Antonello Mutinati